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January 23, 2008

Second Call under Northern Periphery Programme

The second call for proposals under the new Interreg IV programme for the Northern Periphery (NP) opened on 16 January 2008.

The NP programme aims to address the specific challenges associated with northern, peripheral regions such as sparse population and rurality, with a special focus on innovation, the environment, accessibility and rural-urban links. For the period 2007-13, Ireland benefits from an expansion of the programme area, which now includes counties Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Galway, Mayo, Clare, Limerick, Cork and Kerry. Proposals for funding should address the two priorities of the programme: promoting innovation and competitiveness in remote and peripheral areas and sustainable development of natural and community resources. No specific budget has been allocated for this second call, but between 2007-13 the Programme will commit around EUR45 million. After the first call, in which 12 projects were approved, 32.5% of these funds have been allocated. The deadline for applications is 7 March 2008. Further details at: http://www.northernperiphery.net/2007/how-to-apply-g.asp or contact Michael O'Brien, BMW Regional Assembly (Contact Point Ireland), tel: 094 9862970, e-mail: mobrien@bmwassembly.ie

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January 08, 2008

Second call under North West Europe programme

The second call for proposals under the INTERREG lVB North West Europe (NWE) Programme will open on 7 April 2008 with a closing date of 9 May 2008.

The programme, which was approved on 26th September 2007, aims to support transnational cooperation projects in the NWE area that contribute to sustainable regional development. Five priorities for transnational project activities have been identified: more attractive metropolitan areas; sustainable mobility management; land use and water systems; stronger ecological infrastructure with reduced ecological footprint; and promoting co-operation between sea and inland ports. Despite the general strength of the NWE area, it has some particular problems such as regional disparities, poor quality in urban areas, social exclusion and environmental pressures that threaten its competitiveness and attractiveness.

A total budget of EUR353m is available, with EU cofinancing of up to 50%. This eligible area covers all of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Luxembourg, and parts of the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland. Further details at: http://www.nweurope.org/ or from the INTERREG NWE Liaison Officer, Southern & Eastern Regional Assembly, tel: + 353 (0)51 860711, e-mail: info@seregassembly.ie

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January 07, 2008

South West Regional Authority conference on Getting Businesses and Research Organisations to Work Together

The South West Regional Authority will host a conference on Getting Businesses and Research Organisations to Work Together in Killarney on February 27, 2008.

The conference: How to Speak the Same Language, is targeted at businesses with a need to interact more regularly and successfully with publicly funded research organisations - both within their own catchment areas and with experts throughout Europe.

The conference, which is free of charge, will address a number of issues: What does innovation and collaboration mean to your company on a daily basis? How can researchers promote and support greater levels of innovation with industry? How do businesses know what expertise is available, and whether it is available on their own doorsteps? How does one find the right people to speak to? And, if one gets this far, do both parties speak the same language?

The conference will bring together a range of experts from both industry and research backgrounds who will illustrate by example and first-hand experience what is required in order to effectively engage with each other and give you the basic tools and insight to understand the benefits of being proactive in terms of your companys attitude to innovation.

This conference is being hosted by the DRIVE for Growth Project partners: South West Regional Authority and South East Regional Authority Ireland, Stoke-On-Trent City Council, Staffordshire University, UK, and Kompetenznetzwerk Mechatronik, Goppingen, Germany.

DRIVE for Growth is co-funded by INTERREG IIIB North West Europe Area. DRIVE aims to help SMEs to recognise the value of R&D, understand it and use it to their commercial advantage. The partners are working to transform the cooperation between research institutions and SMEs into a partnership to foster development and production, economic growth and employment.

For further information: http://www.driveproject.eu/index.cfm/page/conference or contact: Ms. Sinead Byrne, South West Regional Authority, Innishmore, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland Tel: +353 21 4876877; Fax: +353 21 4876872; Email: drive@swra.ie

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January 05, 2008

South-East Region Bioenergy Implementation Plan

The South-East Regional Authority has developed a Regional Bio-Energy Implementation Plan setting out a roadmap towards becoming Ireland’s leading bioenergy region. This is the first such plan from an Irish region and was undertaken in partnership with the local authorities, local energy agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency, Teagasc and Sustainable Energy Ireland. Download the plan from: http://www.sera.ie/Draft%20Bioenergy%20Plan%20-%20Public%20Consultaton.htm

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