The Irish Regions Office: IRO Funding Monitor

Education & Training
Town Twinning
Culture 2000
Leonardo da Vinci

Employment & Social Affairs
ESF Article 6 (Innovative Actions)
Information Society
eTEN programme
eLearning programme

Research & Innovation

6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
Transport & Energy
Intelligent Energy Europe


In addition to the EU funds that are administered via national and regional authorities (CAP expenditure and Structural Funds), the European Commission also pays direct grants to beneficiaries in pursuance of other common policies in such fields as research and development, education, training, the environment, consumer protection, and information.

Outlined above are a number of these programme and initiatives which are of relevance to Irish sub-national authorities.

The IRO Funding Monitor is continuously being up-dated – certain sections may therefore be unavailable at present.

Promoting Regional Innovation and Competitiveness

Promoting Regional Innovation and Competitiveness