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02. 10.11:

Call: Lifelong Learning

The European Commission has published the 2012 general Call for Proposals for its Lifelong Learning Programme to foster cooperation, interchange and mobility between European education and training systems.

Among the key topics of relevance to local and national actors, the Leonardo da Vinci (Vocational Training) ‘multilateral projects for the Transfer of Innovation’ strand has a deadline of 2 February 2012 as do the ‘multilateral projects, networks and accompanying measures’ across Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig, and Leonardo. Mobility actions under Leonardo must apply by 3 February. Deadlines in February and March 2012 apply.

Further details

Project: Dublin Energy Awareness

EUR1.5 million will be invested in Dublin over the next 5 years to promote the uptake of renewable energy as part of a newly approved Interreg North West Europe project. Codema (City of Dublin Energy Management Agency) will lead the delivery of 'Academy of Champions for Energy' (ACE) as an innovative approach to engaging with citizens in five countries to address the public information gap on the all-round importance of switching from conventional fossil fuels to renewable sources. The overall aim is to encourage local authorities, businesses and citizens to implement their own renewable energy projects based on a heightened awareness of factors such as cost savings, supply and demand, and technology.

A significant element of the project will focus on the joint development, along with Dublin City Council, of a multi-functional smart-energy feature in a city-centre location, with the aim of providing information and education on energy issues in a creative and straightforward manner. This will be complemented by a dedicated renewable energy space to be developed in Kevin Street Library and which will become the main resource for renewable energy information for the public in Dublin. The site will also promote the transnational element of the project by showcasing the work of a Dutch energy-neutral village and a French biomass community farm.

Codema will work with companies such as EirGrid and Siemens who will act as sustainable energy ‘champions’ to share their collective knowledge and expertise on developing Ireland as a key player in the roll-out of renewable energy. An awards scheme will also recognise stand-out renewable energy actions from across Ireland, UK, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.


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