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26. 10.09:

Reminder of Pending Deadline: Youth in Action - Informal Learning Partnerships

This call under Youth in Action (4.6 ) is to support partnerships between the European Commission (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) and regions, municipalities or NGOs which aim to develop or reinforce their long-term actions, strategies and programmes in the field of non-formal learning and youth

Specific objectives for funded partnerships:
- Pool resources and practices with a view to maximise the impact of the 'Youth in Action' programme as well as other initiatives in favour of young people and youth workers carried at local, regional or European level.
- Provide inspiration and capacity-building - through models and practices developed under the 'Youth in Action' programme - to those bodies and organisations which aim to increase their investment in youth through non-formal learning activities and the development of skills and competences.
- Add value to the scope and quality of the initiatives in the area of youth carried out at regional and local level by fostering their European dimension.
- Transfer lessons learned from the implementation of successful actions and initiatives in the area of non-formal learning and youth.
- Encourage synergies and cooperation between the public sector and non-governmental organisations working in the field of youth.
- Encourage the raising of overall skills levels among young people, giving priority to education and training of those with low skills and young people with fewer opportunities, including early school-leavers and young people with low levels of educational attainment, unemployed, migrants and people with disabilities.
- Foster the recognition of youth work and the validation non-formal learning activities in the European Union.

Funded activities may include:
- Transnational youth exchanges
- National or transnational youth Initiatives
- European voluntary service
-Training and networking
Projects must include an activity programme of non-profit-making purpose .

The programme of activities must start between 1 April 2010 and 1 September 2010, and may run for two years (24 months).

The maximum grant allocated to each project may not exceed EUR 100,000.

Deadline: 1 December

23. 10.09:

Crime Prevention - 2010 funding priorities

The 2010 Annual Work programme of the Prevention of and Fight against Crime programme was published on 20 October. It sets out an allocation of approximately EUR47 million next year for financing national and transnational projects in this field. Priority areas are: i) Radicalisation leading to terrorism; ii) Financial and economic crime; iii) Trafficking in human beings; iv)Prevention of crime, including urban, juvenile and drugs-related crimes; v)Police and customs cooperation. Calls for proposals are expected to be published shortly (with a January 2010 deadline) and again in spring (with a May deadline).

21. 10.09:

Opportunity to access 'strategic' Interreg NWE funding: Brussels, 16 & 17 November

Project development meetings to bring forward applications based on 6 topics especially designated by the programme authorities ('strategic initiatives') will be organised by INTERREG IVB North West Europe in November. The intention is to identify a ''critical mass'' of relevant actors from across the programme area who are clearly interested in developing ambitions into firm project proposals with the programme’s assistance. The themes chosen partly reflect gaps in the areas addressed by the programme's approved projects to date and represent a rare opportunity to access an inside track towards EU funding.

The project ideas to be discussed are:
16th November:
1. North West Europe Renewable ''Energy Agency'' - NWE network of centres
2. Biomass Energy Development
3. Energy from Algae/Bio-solar-safe: tapping energy from green cells
17th November:
4. Economic cluster development across North West Europe
5. North West Europe network of centres co-operating on innovation and technology transfer
6. Freight telematics and logistics chains management (including transnational corridors)

Register your interest in being involved at
Contact: Antoinette Jordan to discuss your ambitions.

19. 10.09:

DAPHNE III (pre-announcment)

The next call for proposals for transnational projects under the DAPHNE III programme (preventing violence against women, children, youth and at-risk groups) is expected to be published in early 2010. Approximately EUR14.4 million will be available for financing approximately 50 projects in the following areas:
i) Street and peer violence;
ii) Media violence;
iii) Corporal punishment;
iv) Capacity building for law enforcement agents and legal practitioners related to intimate violence;
v) Field work at grass-roots level.

The eligibility criteria for projects will remain the same as last year’s call for proposals: projects will need to last either 12 or 24 months, and EU grants will vary between EUR75,000 and EUR300,000 for a 12 month period, with co-financing of up to 80% of eligible costs.

14. 10.09:

Film festivals & digital interactive works

Several calls for proposals have been launched under the MEDIA programme:

i) Approximately EUR3.5 million is being made available to finance audiovisual festivals, in which a minimum of 70% European films from at least 10 Member States will need to be showcased.
Deadlines: 27 November and 30 April 2010.

ii) €2 million is available for financing projects developing on- and off-line digital interactive works.
Deadlines: 27 November and 12 April 2010.

Funding for developing television broadcasting of European audiovisual works and for drama, animation and creative documentaries has also been announced.

11. 10.09:

Current Calls for Proposals (not carried in current Bulletin)

Joint Technology Initiatives
Call Title:FCH JU Call for Proposals 2009 Part 1 (FCH-JU-2009-1)
Eligible organizations to participate:Natural and Legal persons
Thematic Priority:Environment,Engineering,Transportation,Research & Development,Energy, Education - Training
Further Info

Call Title:Call for Proposals for the implementation of Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window - Latin America Region (EACEA 13/09, 2009/C 148/09)
Eligible organizations to participate:Higher education institutions
Thematic Priority:Education - Training
Further Info

Call Title:ESF Research Networking Programmes - 2009 Call for Proposals
Eligible organizations to participate:Legal Persons
Thematic Priority:Natural Sciences,Health,Engineering,Social & Financial Coherence and Cultural Development
Further Info

Call Title:Call for Proposals: "The Europe-China Clean Energy Centre (EC2)" (EUROPEAID/128591/L/ACT/CN)
Eligible organizations to participate:Legal Bodies
Thematic Priority:Environment
Further Info

Call Title:Call for proposals: "Support to Institutional Capacity Building of the China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy (ICARE)" (EuropeAid/128796/L/ACT/CN)
Eligible organizations to participate:Higher Education Institutes,Research Centers
Thematic Priority: Environment, Energy, Education - Training
Further Info

Call Title:Call for Proposals: "Support for information measures relating to the common agricultural policy" (2009/C 215/04)
Eligible organizations to participate: Farmers or rural development organisations, consumer associations, environmental protection associations, public authorities of the Member States, the media, universities
Thematic Priority:Agriculture
Further Info

Call Title:Call for Proposals for the Scientific Platform under the programme ESPON 2007-2013
Eligible organizations to participate:Legal Persons
Thematic Priority:Local Development
Further Info

Call Title:Call for Proposals for Targeted Analyses under the programme ESPON 2007-2013
Eligible organizations to participate:Legal Persons
Thematic Priority:Local Development
Further Info

Call Title:Call for Proposals for Applied Research under the programme ESPON 2007-2013
Eligible organizations to participate:Legal Persons,Social and Financial Coherence and Cultural Development,Research & Development,Law,Public Policy.
Thematic Priority:Local Development
Further Info

Call Title:Call for proposals for indirect actions under the multi-annual Community Programme on protecting children using the Internet and other communication technologies (Safer Internet) (2009/C 132/07)
Eligible organizations to participate:Legal Persons
Thematic Priority:Information Communication Technology
Further Info

Call Title:Call for expressions of interest: Ιndependent experts for the safer internet programme (2009-2013) (2009/C 130/04)
Eligible organizations to participate:Universities,Chamber, Legal Bodies of Public Law,Legal Bodies of Private Law.
Thematic Priority:Safety
Further Info

Call Title:Open Call for Summer School Proposals (2011-2012)
Eligible organizations to participate:Natural and Legal Persons
Thematic Priority:All fields
Further Info


Call Title:Permanent Open Call for Technology Transfer: Transfer of space technology to non-space application
Eligible organizations to participate:Natural and Legal Persons
Thematic Priority:Space
Further Info

Life-long training and career development
Call Title:Marie Curie Reintegration Grants (FP7-PEOPLE-2009-RG)
Eligible organizations to participate:Natural and Legal Persons
Thematic Priority:All fields
Further Info

Fusion Energy
Call Title:Call for expression of interest for the establishment of a list of prospective individual experts to provide expertise to "Fusion for Energy" (2008/C169/05)
Eligible organizations to participate:Natural Persons
Thematic Priority:Energy
Further Info

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