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26. 07.09:

Roma & Traveller integration

EUR4.5million in funding is being provided towards three projects on the integration of Roma minorities (the traveler community are included under this umbrella term), under three priority themes: i) early childhood education and care (ECEC); ii) self-employment and microcredit; iii) information and awareness raising. An exceptionally high co-financing rate of 90-95% of the eligible project costs will apply.

Deadline on 25 September

22. 07.09:

'Smart' Research Investment PPPs

As part of the European Economic Recovery Plan, the Commission is launching a first call for three Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in close cooperation with industry to provide EUR3.2 billion of support for long-term ''smart'' research investment in the manufacturing, construction and automotive sectors. The partnerships will focus on the objectives of ''Factories of the Future'' (EUR1.2 billion), ''Energy-efficient Buildings'' (EUR1 billion) and ''Green Cars'' (EUR1 billion) in a bid to boost research efforts in these sectors.

To meet the need for a rapid star-tup, the initiatives will be implemented in the first instance through a series of cross-thematic Coordinated Calls for participation under the relevant FP7 themes. 50% of the total funding is expected to be drawn from the private sector. The total Commission budget in 2010 for these calls is EUR268 million with the first research projects expected to start in the spring of 2010.


20. 07.09:

Interreg Ireland-Wales

Round 3 of the Ireland-Wales Interreg IVA programme is underway. This is a targeted call for Skills for Competitiveness and Employment Integration (Priority 1 Theme 2) and Sustainable Regeneration of Communities (Priority 2 Theme 2).

A half-day applicant workshops will be held in Waterford on 12 August to provide guidance on how to complete the application form and financial tables, along with general advice on project development. Register by 7 August via The application pack is now available online at

18. 07.09:


The call for proposals Europe INNOVA: the European Innovation Platform for Eco-Innovation has extended its deadline to 25 September. The objectives of the call are: to set up sectoral partnerships; and to strengthen the wider eco-innovation community. The Platform will support the Lead Market Initiative and the further implementation of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan. The indicative budget of the call is EUR7.065 million for three projects, which will run for three years.


15. 07.09:


The Commission is awarding EUR4.75 million in grants to promote the objectives of the common transport policy, namely: i) road safety; ii) creation and promotion of the internal market, particularly in the fields of inland waters and maritime transport; and iii) transport security. The ultimate goal of these grants is to complement national, regional or local initiatives and to consolidate successful EU initiatives on the basis of current economic, social and technological trends.

The type of activities likely to be funded are: i) research and dissemination of best practices, and ii) coordination and harmonisation of standards and procedures. Other operations having other characteristics and meeting the ultimate goals above could be consider for funding. The innovative character, visibility, multiplier effect, cost-effectiveness and European dimension of the project are key award criteria.

Deadline: 15 September.

04. 07.09:

Research networking

An open call on European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) has been launched. COST supports networking activities among research teams made up of experts in different countries working on specific topics. Proposals for actions must contribute to the scientific, technological, economic, cultural or societal development of Europe. Financial support is usually EUR100,000 per year for up to four years.

Pre-proposal deadline: 25 September
Submission deadline: 13 November

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