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26. 06.09:

Regions of Knowledge - eHealth

This year's call for proposals of the Regions of Knowledge Initiative (FP7) is set to focus on e-Health. The aim of the RoK initiative is to strengthen the research potential of European regions through the development of research-driven clusters on a regional basis, based on a triple-helix partnership of universities, research centres and public authorities. A minimum of three regions from three different Member States must be involved in each bid.

The 2010 call, likely to be launched at the end of July, will fund:
- analysis, development and implementation of research agendas for regional clusters;
- mentoring of regions with a less-developed research profile by highly developed ones;
- initiatives to improve integration; and
- dissemination activities.

24. 06.09:

Evidence-based policy and practice: networks of knowledge brokerage initiatives

This Call will support international cooperation in the development of ''knowledge brokerage'' mechanisms in the field of education and training. These mechanisms are intended to strengthen the links between research, policy and practice. Their main role is to make the results of research on education and training understandable and accessible and to bring research to the attention of policy and decision-makers and practitioners.

Deadline: 29 September

20. 06.09:

Citizens decision-making through ICT

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Policy Support Programme of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) has launched a call dedicated to objective 3.5 of the 'ICT for government and governance' theme: eParticipation - empower and involve citizens in transparent decision making in the EU. The overall aim is to address current challenges in policy making with ICT-based solutions by:
- Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public administrations and facilitating their interaction with citizens and businesses;
- Opening up new market opportunities for innovative ICT based solutions for governments and administrations; and
- Strengthening and broadening the citizens' participation in decision-making and contributing to better legislation through the use of innovative ICT based solutions.

Financed actions will include:
- Strengthening the further adoption of approaches on eProcurement and on eID management;
- Introduction of innovative services for socially disadvantaged citizens;
- a thematic network bringing together the stakeholders in order to share experiences and build consensus and guidelines on user centricity of public e-services;
- the demonstration and adoption of tools for effective public debate and participation in decision-making (eParticipation).

Deadline: 23 September

18. 06.09:

Integrated & Sustainable Urban Development

The URBACT II programme has launched a Call for Proposals for the creation of 12 new Thematic Networks and 3 new Working Groups on integrated and sustainable urban development issues. In particular, this Call is aimed at supporting European cities to deal with the challenges and consequences of either the economic crisis and climate change. Additionally, project proposals must address one of the 16 Priority topics defined for this Call.

Projects approved will focus on fostering exchange and learning among cities and other urban players, capitalising on knowledge, and disseminating good practices. By setting up Local Support Groups, producing Local Action Plans, and through transnational networking, these projects will both impact local policies and link into the priorities of their current EU co-financed Regional Operational Programmes.

Deadline: 25 September

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