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31. 01.09:

Innovation & ICT

Proposals are sought under the 2009 work programme of the Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) which aims to stimulate and to accelerate the development of a sustainable, competitive, innovative and inclusive information society. It supports activities to accelerate implementation of ICT based services and systems through wider uptake and best use and the exploitation of digital content by citizens, governments and businesses. Eight themes apply:
- Health, ageing and inclusion;
- Digital Libraries and cultural heritage material for education;
- Government and governance.
- Energy efficiency in social housing and climate change actions;
- Multilingual Web;
- Public Sector and Geographical Information;
- Internet Evolution and Security (incl. RFID);
- Open innovation, user experience and living labs.
Deadline: 2 June.

25. 01.09:

Youth Entrepreneurship

The SME Specific Programme of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Framework Programme (EIP) aims to support the implementation of the Small Business Act and of the Oslo Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education in Europe by promoting quality ideas in the field of education for entrepreneurship and in improving the entrepreneurial mindsets of youth.

Priority 1 supports establishing a cross-European workshop programme for entrepreneurship professors to share knowledge and learn from practitioners.
Priority 2 supports:
- a common on-line platform for entrepreneurship educators and related practitioners:
- a European Entrepreneurship Educators Network;
- entrepreneurship among female university graduates;
- the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people beyond education;
- developing innovative teaching material on entrepreneurship for higher education (real cases and experiential learning).
Deadline: 20 April.

24. 01.09:

Higher Education Cooperation with Third Countries

This Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation ''Window'' aims at mutual enrichment and better understanding in the field of higher education between the EU and Third Countries through a mobility scheme addressing student and academic exchanges for the purpose of studying, teaching, training and research. This Window is integrated as Action II '‘Partnerships' under the new Erasmus Mundus II programme aiming at promoting institutional co-operation and mobility activities.

Grants will contribute to financing institutional-based partnerships of to cover the following types of activities:
- implementation of individual mobility for students (undergraduate, master, doctorate and post-doctorate mobility opportunities) and academic staff: (exchanging for the purposes of teaching, practical training and research).

Deadline: 13 March

Higher Education Reform

The Tempus IV scheme's main objective is to facilitate trans-European university cooperation for the reform of higher education. In particular, the programme will help promote voluntary convergence with EU developments in the field of higher education deriving from the Lisbon agenda and the Bologna process. The two principal instruments for cooperation are:
- Joint Projects with a ‘bottom-up’ approach aiming at modernisation and reform at institutional level including university curricula and governance through a transfer of knowledge between organisations.
- Structural Measure interventions to contribute to the development and reform of higher education systems and strategic framework development at national level, as well as to enhance their quality and relevance.

Deadline: 28 April.

22. 01.09:

Civic Service/Voluntary Youth Placements

This call aims to implement the Amicus preparatory action (Youth in Action Programme), whose objectives regarding youth placements in civic service and voluntary work activities are to:
· Promote transnational approaches;
· Encourage the development of a European framework for the interoperability of existing opportunities; and
· Allow a testing and evaluation phase (specific EU cooperation projects).
Projects should inform citizens and raise awareness; evaluate organisational experience of youth placement; and place young people in civic service and volunteering projects abroad.

Deadline: 30 April

20. 01.09:

Community & voluntary / NGOs Cooperation & Twinning

Two Europe for Citizens calls have been announced:
- Joint initiatives between community and voluntary groups/NGOs from at least 2 countries in fields including active participation; sport for active citizenship; dealing with major challenges for society (e.g. climate change or immigration); citizens influence over EU decisions through their MEPs; female participation in political life; and promoting creativity and innovation. Initiatives can involve seminars, workshops, publications, debates, discussion forums and networking - Twinning exchanges - open to local authorities and voluntary committees - ideally relating to some of the issues mentioned above. (Deadline: 27 February - 'town twinning / citizens meetings').
For further information, contact Mark Callanan at or (01) 240 3632.
Detailed information is also available at

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