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26. 06.08:


This call under the e-participation programme will harness the use of ICT to improve legislative and decision-making processes and enhance public participation in such processes, at all levels of governmental decision-making. Budget: €4.7 million. Deadline: 29 August.

20. 06.08:

Flexicurity (PROGRESS)

Applications are sought for projects which contribute to the implementation of flexicurity, covering the following objectives: · developing and/or implementing integrated policies in line with the common principles of flexicurity · encouraging the mutual learning process in the framework of the Lisbon Strategy through development of flexicurity pathways · suggestions on monitoring the process of development and/or implementation of flexicurity policies · involving social partners in the development and/or implementation of integrated flexicurity policies. OJ Ref: VP/2008/008 Budget: €1.5 million. Deadline: 14 August.

19. 06.08:

Long-term perspectives for better social conditions (PROGRESS)

DG Employment, Social Affairs & Equal Opportunities have launched a call to promote better long-term societal conditions by financing reflections (research, workshops, focus groups, conferences, communication) based on improved quality of life for all. Budget: €750,000. Deadline: 19 August.

Road Safety

Applications are sought for projects covering road safety and optimising infrastructure use by operators through the following actions: · coaching, teaching, training and learning aimed at improving the behaviour of road users and operators in traffic · research and dissemination of best practices · coordination and harmonisation of standards and procedures OJ Ref: 2008/C 112/14 Budget: €5.4 million. Deadline: 18 August.

17. 06.08:

Lifelong Learning

Proposals are sought for actions by consortia of organisations (SMEs, Trade Unions, local and regional authorities, Chambers, national agencies and state administartions) from at least 5 countries to develop and implement the European qualifications framework (EQF), including national and sectoral qualifications frameworks. OJ Ref: 2008/C 132/09 Budget: € 2 million. Deadline: 13 August

11. 06.08:

Local Employment Development - LED (PROGRESS)

This call aims to identify and share good practices in the field of LED and to provide inputs for the development of future local and regional strategies to: · better implement the Structural Funds at the local level (including stakeholder involvement) · generate innovative ideas for turning the perceived disadvantage of delocalisation into long-term aspirations of greater local prosperity · facilitate knowledge acquisition and transfer in the emerging issues of inclusion, migrants, ethnic minorities, demographic change, and/or youth. OJ Ref: VP/2008/010. Budget: €1.165 million. Deadline: 14 July

06. 06.08:

Youth in Action - European elections awareness raising

The European Commission has published a call for proposals under the Youth in Action programme for projects providing information and raising awareness of the European elections. Budget: €1.5 million. Deadline: 15 July.

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