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26. 03.08:

Three Calls: FP7 PEOPLE (training and career development of researchers)

Summary : Three calls to support training and career development of researchers: Intra-European fellowships (supports experienced researchers at various stages of their career, helping them in acquiring new research skills or to undertake intersectoral experiences); International outgoing fellowships (offers European researchers the opportunity to be trained and to acquire new knowledge in a third country high-level research organisation, and subsequently return to an organisation in a Member State or Associated Country); and International incoming fellowships (encourages top class researchers from third countries to work on research projects in Europe, with a view to developing mutually beneficial research cooperations between Europe and third countries). Deadlines for submission : 19 August 2008 Who can apply : Universities, Universities, SMEs, Corporations, Research centres, Associat ions, Administrations, States For more information:

European Tourist Destinations of Excellence (DG ENTERPRISE Grants Programme)

Summary: To draw attention to the value, diversity and shared characteristics of European tourist destinations and to promote national destinations of excellence where the economic growth objective is pursued in such a way as to ensure the social, cultural and environmental sustainability of tourism. The objectives are to enhance visibility of the emerging European tourist destinations of excellence, especially the lesser known; create awareness of Europe's tourist diversity and quality; promoting all European countries and regions; help de-congestion, combat seasonality, rebalance the tourist flows towards the nontraditional destinations; awarding sustainable forms of tourism; create a platform for the exchange of good practices at European level; · promote networking between awarded destinations which could persuade other destinations to adopt sustainable tourism development models. Reference: ENT/08/IMA/4.1.1. Funding: The Commission’s contribution by project presented by a Member State will not exceed 75% of the eligible costs, with a maximum contribution of € 52,000. Deadlines for submission : 16 June 2008 Who can apply : Agencies, Chambers, Agencies, Chambers, Associations, Training centres, Federations, Unions, Corporations, SMEs, Universities For more information:

18. 03.08:

Interreg IVB Atlantic Area - First Call

The Atlantic Area programme supports transnational cooperation projects linking Ireland with those areas of the UK, France, Spain and Portugal which border the ocean. Its first call opened on March 17 across its four priorities: entrepreneurial & innovation networks; marine and coastal environment protection; improved accessibility and internal links; and sustainable urban and regional development. A budget of €158m is available with ERDF grant support of up to 65%. The deadline for receipt of applications is May 12. Further details from or from Michael O’Brien, BMW Assembly, (094 9862970 or

11. 03.08:

Catrene (nanoelectronics) - first call for proposals

Catrene, a Cluster for Application Technology research in Europe on NanoElectronics, recently approved by the Eureka programme, is extending an invitation to Europe's high tech industry, small and medium sized enterprises as well as research institutes and academia to participate in its first call for projects proposals. Catrene projects must comply with the ambition of Europe's industry to deliver nano/microelectronics solutions that respond to the needs of society at large, improving economic prosperity and reinforcing the ability of industry to be at the forefront of the global competition. Catrene builds on the success of previous Eureka programmes (JESSI, MEDEA, and MEDEA+) in fostering the continued development of a dynamic European eco-system with the critical mass necessary to complete at a global level in high technology industries.The deadline for submission is 23 April. Full information and guidelines are available from">">

10. 03.08:

DAPHNE III - Fight against violence

By funding preventive measures and by providing support and protection, this programme aims to safeguard children, young people, women and groups at risk against all forms of violence. It is closely aligned with Community policies related to public health, human rights and gender equality, as well as actions aimed at protection of children’s rights, and the fight against trafficking of human beings and sexual exploitation. A Call for Proposals (JLS/DAP/2007-1) providing Action Grants, intended to co-finance specific transnational projects on themes including treatment programmes, national legislation, targeted awareness-raising, studies and data collection, and policy issues is now open with an application deadline of 22 April. Annual project grants of €75,000-€200,000 (up to 80% of costs) are available. Further details from:

01. 03.08:

Drug Prevention & Information Programme

The current EU Action Plan on Drugs sets out a list of concrete actions to reduce the prevalence of drug use among the population and the resultant social harm and health damage. The Drug Prevention & Information Programme aims to contribute to the achievement of those actions by preventing and reducing drug use, dependence and drug-related harms; and by contributing to the improvement of information on drug use. A current call (JLS/DPIP/2008) offering operating grant support to NGOs or other organisations to support the activities included in the 2008 annual activity programme is underway with a March 27 deadline. Further details from:

Safer Internet Plus

The final call for proposals to promote safer use of online technology under Safer Internet Plus will be launched in March.

This programme, with an overall budget of €45 million, operates under four main actions: fighting against illegal content; tackling unwanted and harmful content; promoting a safer environment; and awareness-raising. The programme extends to new online technologies, including mobile and broadband content, online games, peer-to-peer file transfer, and all forms of real-time communications (e.g. chat rooms, instant messaging) primarily with the protection of children and minors in mind. A broader range of areas of illegal and harmful content and conduct of concern, including racism and violence, will also be adressed. Further details at:

Science in Society

The European Commission has published a second call for proposals under the Science in Society sub-programme of the 7th Framework Programme for Research (FP7).

This initiative aims to integrate scientific and technological activity and associated research policies within European society and culture. The call covers social affairs and research and winning projects will receive a Descartes prize for transnational collaborative research or a Prize for Scientific Communication. A total budget of €330 million has been allocated for this theme. The closing date is 28 May. Further details at:

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