12. 02.12:

Education for Entrepreneurship

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The University of Cadiz's Entrepreneurs Unit (http://www.uca.es/emprendedores) is looking to join a project whose objectives are in line with its priorities and capabilities, included in the call for proposals "Education for Entrepreneurship" (http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/newsroom/cf/itemdetail.cfm?item_id=5711&lang=en).

The University of Cadiz's Entrepreneurs Unit has the sufficient professional standing and means to become a part of interesting projects in this area. This Unit has been working since November 2007 to promote entrepreneurial culture in the province of Cadiz (Andalusia - Spain).

The following are some of the indicators obtained during 2011:

-The dynamization and spreading of the entrepreneurial spirit through different conferences and speeches with the participation of somewhere in the region of 1,100 students, teaching staff and social agents, all from different areas of knowledge.

- The celebration of training activities in entrepreneurial abilities and competences directed at students, teaching staff and entrepreneurs in which 202 people have taken part.

- Personalised guidance on 104 business projects presented by 139 students, graduates and teaching staff, providing them with support for the development of their business ideas from the maturing phase to the final creation of the business, using its own resources and those provided by collaborating entities. This service has been instrumental in creating 26 businesses since 2009.


Raul Medina Tamayo
Tecnico Catedra de Emprendedores de la UCA

Fundacion Universidad Empresa de la Provincia de Cadiz
CIF G11442167
Edificio Consorcio Tecnologico (CTC), calle Benito Perez Galdos s/n, 11002 Cadiz
Tfno: 956 015379 - Fax: 956 070371

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