Welcome to the EU Funding Tracker microsite

The EU Funding Tracker provides information on EU funding opportunities which are of direct relevance to partners of the Irish Regions Office. This includes a range of bodies operating at local and regional level in Ireland, including Regional Authorities, Regional Assemblies, Local Authorities, regional and local development agencies and third level institutions.

This resource focuses in particular on EU funds that are accessible directly from the European Commission or intermediary EU bodies, rather than funds that are administered via national authorities (such as certain CAP and Structural Funds programmes). The European Commission pays direct grants to projects in pursuance of a wide range of policies, including enterprise and innovation, research and development, education, training, the environment, consumer protection, and the information society.

The information on the site is organised into the following key sections:

  1. Guidance on EU Funding: Highlights some important considerations in applying for EU funds, such as, understanding the policy context and the potential for adding value at local or regional level, and appreciating the implications of working with other EU partners. It also presents some useful sources of advice and assistance.
  2. EU Funding Programmes: Provides information on EU funding programmes of relevance to the partner organisations at local and regional level in Ireland. It is intended to provide an overview of each programme as well as more specific information on eligible activities, eligible applicants, rates and levels of funding available, when and how to apply for funds, advance preparation and, where possible, an example of a project that has already been successful in accessing funding under this programme.
  3. EU Funding Calls: Provides information on all current calls for proposal including links to further information on these calls.
  4. EU Partner searches: Provides information on project promoters from other Member States seeking partners for their EU projects. Project promoters in Ireland seeking partners in other EU Member States are also welcome to register their interest which the IRO will then circulate among the Brussels-based regions and city offices.
  5. Other EU Funding News: Provides notification of future calls for proposals, funding events and information days, project fairs, new programme announcements and other relevant news.
  6. Examples of previous and ongoing projects from Ireland's regional and local levels [under reconstruction!].


Using the Funding Tracker

The EU Funding Tracker is designed to help users to become familiar with the EU funding programmes of relevance to organisations operating at the local and regional level in Ireland. It aims to help users to identify programmes that might be of relevance for a particular project or action and provides information and guidance on how to participate in these programmes.

The Funding Tracker is designed to allow users to take a more strategic approach to EU funding by allowing suitable programmes and initiatives to be identified well in advance of the publication of a call for proposals - therefore permitting users to be proactive in their approach to EU funding and EU projects generally.